I love to teach my son how to ride and repair stuffs the old fashion way. Here I will share some of our cheap DIY projects and repairs. I will also share some of my experience as a biker and as a pro mechanic. I am not a mechanic anymore but I still do repairs but mostly for my own machineries and this is why I try to keep everything easy and cheap. I also don't race anymore but I still love riding up the mountains where there is little or no help and all I can rely on is my small tool pouch and my monkey repair skills to bring me home whenever my bike or my friends bike breaks down.

If you are a tech-wiz or some kind of high-tech repair guru who likes spending too much $$$s buying stuffs and spends most of your time at a coffee shop posing your best biker battle gear clown costume and talking how great a biker you are then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU... Here we seriously ride our bikes and we try to keep everything simple, easy and cheap. Most of what I will share here are intended for riders who usually break their bikes to peices and may not be needed by other bikers.

I will also be sharing some cheap ways how I repaired my cars and computers. And for laughs, I will also add some weird / funny / odd stuffs that I or we did that worked and didn't work. Sorry about this blog's style, set-up or whatever you may call it, I'm an old school biker and its easier for me wrenching cars and bikes than typing on my keyboard...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My scoot's winter mod.

I decided to install a windshield on my scooter for winter. It was a bit of work since I did not have the proper mount adapter for the mirror and the windshield. My solution is simple, I measured and grounded the metal on top of the screw thread and just added or extended the screw thread on the mirrors. Then added an extra nut at the bottom so that the windshield bracket will be in a higher position and not touch the upper cowl. I have been using my windshield for two months now and have no problems with it.

The windshield really helped blocking the wind. Riding in the cold winter got a lot more tolerable.
I also added handle mitts, no more freezing hands for me. I also have a pair of heated handle grips for my scoot but I wont be installing it because the mitts does it's job well.

I also made an apron to block the wind from freezing my legs. The wind goes through the space between the handle cowl and the front cowl and it gets nasty cold on my legs and on my groin area after several minutes of riding. Buying a scooter apron is cheap but I have rolls of fake leather for making or repairing motorcycle seats so I decided to just make one for myself. These past few years I have been trying to learn how to sew so making my homemade scooter apron is a plus for me.

The lower pockets on the lower side of the apron is for putting stuffs or weights to prevent the apron from flipping upwards during higher speed.

My son and his friends told me that my winter mods made my scooter a granny scoot and they wouldn't borrow it. One time we went riding and they were all freezing on their bikes but they still said that my scoot is ugly and wouldn't touch it, HAHAHA!

Here are some photos:

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