I love to teach my son how to ride and repair stuffs the old fashion way. Here I will share some of our cheap DIY projects and repairs. I will also share some of my experience as a biker and as a pro mechanic. I am not a mechanic anymore but I still do repairs but mostly for my own machineries and this is why I try to keep everything easy and cheap. I also don't race anymore but I still love riding up the mountains where there is little or no help and all I can rely on is my small tool pouch and my monkey repair skills to bring me home whenever my bike or my friends bike breaks down.

If you are a tech-wiz or some kind of high-tech repair guru who likes spending too much $$$s buying stuffs and spends most of your time at a coffee shop posing your best biker battle gear clown costume and talking how great a biker you are then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU... Here we seriously ride our bikes and we try to keep everything simple, easy and cheap. Most of what I will share here are intended for riders who usually break their bikes to peices and may not be needed by other bikers.

I will also be sharing some cheap ways how I repaired my cars and computers. And for laughs, I will also add some weird / funny / odd stuffs that I or we did that worked and didn't work. Sorry about this blog's style, set-up or whatever you may call it, I'm an old school biker and its easier for me wrenching cars and bikes than typing on my keyboard...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Biker's Eyeglass Cheap Repair

My eyeglasses are my best friends. I couldn't go out without them plus I always have to bring a spare because there are countless times I forgot where I removed them and have stepped on two of my eyeglasses while searching for them. Another biggest problem is that my MX helmet is so tight that I have broken one the arms of my eyeglasses twice while trying to pry it inside my helmet. I tried contact lenses but they were not for me...

This is one of my spare eyeglasses and have only gotten the right lens replaced about a week before I broke the arms while trying to pry it trough my MX helmet. I always buy the cheapest eyeglasses that I can find because "I'm cheap"and knowing that they'll soon get damaged from riding motorbikes, using it for work (welding, metal grinding, etc.), or by accidentally stepping on them. Before doing my funky repair, I went to an eyeglass shop to get this repaired but they were charging 10,000. Yen for the repair but I only paid for this cheap eyeglasses for 6,000 Yen so I couldn't justify getting it repaired. The cute saleslady was trying to get me to buy a new replacement and just dump my old old spare eyeglasses which was only a few months old. Being a DIY guy, I'd rather get this repaired than to get a new one but I couldn't justify spending 10,000 Yen just for repairs when I can get a new one for 6,000 Yen. If I don't know how to do repairs then probably I would have just bought a new pair... I went home and did my funky repairs and up to now my spare eyeglasses are still working perfectly. The repaired area is very strong that it will never break on the same spot. I have "forced it without mercy" inside my MX helmet many times and it's still OK :)

If you are a "four eyed biker" and often have problems breaking the arms of your eyeglasses, you can try this technique. You will need an electrical cord. Strip the electrical cord and just get a strand of wire. You will need a paperclip and a wire cutter. Cut the paperclip to an appropriate length. Assemble the broken arms of your eyeglasses and position the paperclip, then tie the copper strand around the broken area. Then solder the broken area. Let it cool down. Use a proper file (nail file will do fine too) to smooth the area. Assemble you eyeglasses and you are done.

PS: Do you know that you can also use your trusty solder to repair some radiators... :)

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